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Welcome, Deb Piro! Deb is our new Practice Manager at the Saratoga Center for Breast Care. 

Deb came to Saratoga Hospital in 2014, with 15 years of management experience.  She began her career at our Primary Care Wilton practice.

When presented with the opportunity to join the dedicated team at the Saratoga Hospital Center for Breast Care it seemed like a perfect step. The...

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Haley Mitchell, MA, has joined our team at Saratoga Center for Breast Care! 

Haley has been working for Saratoga Hospital since 2011. She worked on A3, the Medical/Surgical floor, which specializes in Oncology/Hospice/Pediatric patients. Haley graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh in 2017 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She joined the Saratoga Hospital Center for Breast Care team...

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Please welcome, Jackie Kalage to our team! She is our new Patient Access Specialist. 

Jackie began working at Saratoga Hospital for more than 10 years and has always loved the idea of helping others. When Saratoga Center for Breast Care opened a few years ago, Jackie saw how well they treat their patients, that they incorporate healthy living, such as diet and...

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If you’ve been delaying your regular mammography screening due to COVID-19, delay no more. Our mammography services are available with your health and safety as our top priority. 

All patients and employees are screened for symptoms, including a temperature check, before entering the building. Patient care areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients. Additionally,...

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a good time to discuss overall breast health as well as the symptoms and risks associated with breast cancer. Women in America have a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer. For men, the lifetime risk is much less, about 1 in 833, but it is no less serious.

There are many reasons, other than cancer, as to why a person’s breasts my change over...

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"From diagnosis to maintenance mode the Saratoga Breast Center has performed above and beyond what one would expect. The professionalism, care and compassion I was shown during this difficult journey let me know I was not alone."
"I am so happy to have had Dr. Kennedy as my breast surgeon. She is caring and takes her time to explain what I was to expect from my surgery and aftercare. The entire staff is just as caring and they all are just as wonderful as Dr. Kennedy."
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