Saratoga Hospital Center for Breast Care
We are the region’s premier provider of services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. From our advanced 3-D mammography to our renowned breast surgeons, we’ve put together the advanced technology, the expert team, and the commitment to a comprehensive approach, so women can feel confident that they are being cared for completely.

What Our Staff Says

We Are Dedicated to Our Patients

Simply put, we have created the most complete and trusted Breast Care Center.

Whether your visit is for screening, prevention, diagnosis or treatment, Saratoga Hospital has a comprehensive collection of resources to provide care to patients with breast concerns.

The breast care provider team includes nurse navigators, radiologists, fellowship trained breast surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, an oncology social worker, and dieticians.

Although care is delivered by a diverse team of specialists, the nurse navigators and the Center for Breast Care staff coordinate and streamline the process so that each individual patient is provided with the specialized, supportive care and attention they deserve.

We Take the Worry Out of Coordinating Your Care

From the minute you walk through our door, you'll feel completely cared for and comforted. We're on this journey with you. That means sharing our knowledge and experience with you. Feel free to ask questions. Let's talk about what kind of appointment schedule works best for you. We want to know how we can fully meet your needs.

Our nurse navigators will be your partners, with you every step along the way. They are experts in meeting the needs of breast care patients and they understand the medical as well as the emotional issues you're going through.

The Center has been created to be a total resource. We take care of breast cancer patients all the way through to survivorship. We coordinate with the medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and plastic surgeon who are part of providing cancer care. We also take care of the many women who don't have cancer, but unfortunately have had a scare and need to know everything has been done to make sure they truly are in good health.

Providing both knowledge and compassion to our patients, we understand, is critical to achieving healthy outcomes. We do all we can to provide just this kind of care.

Our Breast Health Nurse Navigators-- Nurse Navigators for short--will be your personal advocate and source of support through your journey. Learn More »
Annual mammograms can detect cancer early - when it is most treatable. In fact, mammograms show changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them.
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Saratoga Hospital provides free cancer screenings for uninsured women (and men) through the Cancer Services Program of Saratoga County.
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Do You Know When It’s Time to Have a Mammogram? LEARN MORE »

What Our Patients Have to Say

We respect our patients and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. Read about some of their experiences with us.
Twenty-five years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Times have changed since that time, for the betterment of the patient. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, for the second time.
From diagnosis to maintenance mode the Saratoga Breast Center has performed above and beyond what one would expect.The professionalism, care and compassion I was shown during this difficult journey let
When my diagnosis of breast cancer included a path to the Saratoga Breast Care Center, my whole life became engulfed within a caring determined loving resourceful community. Dr. Kennedy and her office
I am so happy to have had Dr. Kennedy as my breast surgeon. She is caring and takes her time to explain what I was to expect from my surgery and aftercare. The entire staff is just as caring and they all
I was diagnosed with Breast cancer on 3/9/16. I was devastated, confused, angry and scared. My husband and I cried together and tried to understand why this was happening. So many thoughts ran through

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